Business Model

With commitment and dedication, Creative Head resourceful teams provide ingenious, end to end IT solutions to client. Understanding our customers requirement, we pilot their vision, architect their dreams and bring success to their business ventures.

We offer flexible business models to suit the requirement of our customers, Our main emphasis is to ensure the best value realization for our customers. Our Business models include :

Project Base

In this model, we will give a fixed price quote for your project after analyzing the detailed project specifications provide by you. Our process optimization ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget, on target.

Dedicated Development

Under this model we offer the best skill sets, resource, flexibility and time to market advantages to the customer. This model is helpful when you have multiple and/or long term projects. Some advantages of this models :

  • Timely availability of resource for projects
  • Fully transparent operations enabling tracking of project schedules, costs, and risk on on-going basis and timely resolutions of issues.
  • When the project scope is not define, this model will help you to progress as your freeze on the scope.
  • You will get a resource of your choice.
  • Direct interaction with the actual developers is possible through email, IM chat and phone (VOIP Phone) giving you total control over the development of the project.
  • We will be available 8 hour a day and 5 day a week, 22 business day/176 man hours per month exclusively for your project.
  • If needed we can assign resource to work in your time zone to ensure easy communication between you and team.

Product Co Development

Creativehead create high-tech, offshore virtual development team to collaborates with clients and develop products with expected usability, scalability, and quality specifications. Our product co development services include everything from design and development to testing, de bugging, product implementation, product roll out and support. Our Product co Development offering include :

  • Development new product.
  • Prototype to final product development
  • Development of new product version
  • Product re engineering
  • Product maintenance
  • Product testing

Some of significant advantages of our product co development offering include :

  • High-tech, exclusive collaboration environment
  • Seamless communication & real time defect tracking
  • Reduces expenditures & time to market periods
  • Swift prototyping, support till implementation & roll out.


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