NFC Solutions

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short range wireless RFID technology that makes use of interacting electromagnetic radio field instead of the typical direct radio transmissions used by technologies such as Bluetooth.

NFC can use for:


Hospital : every patient will have a personal wristband with NFC tag inside which contain a patient's ID. The doctor would read it with Creativehead NFC Apps to identify the patient, complete medical record will instantly appear on screen of his Smart phone.

Pharmacies : NFC tags can be embed to the medicine packages. When pharmacist dispenses a drug, he can use Creativehead NFC Apps in order to write in the NFC tag the information about the mode administration, type of drug or frequency of administration.

Inventory & Asset Management

Management of the inventory can easier task with Creativehead NFC Apps. Each product will have an NFC tag so the responsible for inventory has the information of the stored good at any time, such as traceability information or special features and needs of the product. If product is updated of information is extended NFC tag will rewrite so responsible can adequate the activity in real time.

Logistics and Transportation

Delivery person can use Creativehead NFC Apps to scan the NFC tag of a product when it arrives at its final destination, in order to confirm delivery. The information of the product wolud appear in his smarthone and he can confirm with Control Centre. After that the person or business who receives the product use his Creativehead NFC Apps to read the NFC tag of the product in order to record the load on his stock and consult the product information.

Control : Operation & Maintenance

Creativehead NFC Apps can particularly useful for companies that need a man driven monitoring of the operation of their system and facilities. Every building room, machine or equipment that needs to be checked can hold an ID in NFC tag. The person will use Creativehead NFC Apps to read the NFC tag, meaning that it has been checked, and the information contained would be automatically sent from its smart phone to the control centre and processed in real time.


There is a large of sectors and companies that can improve their management through Creativehead NFC Apps. In addition to inventory, Logistics and many other applications, Retail sector could benefit of Creativehead NFC technology for Mobile Point of Sales (mPointSales).


Creativehead NFC Apps can be ideal tools for teacher and monitors, bringing new possibilities for education purposes. For example on trip to control the children, Creativehead NFC Apps will check the NFC tag of each child to be sure that everyone s on board.

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