Mobile Task Force


Mobile Task Force Application is an integrated application in performing route tracking of your sales workforce, mobile field survey operation, reporting sales transaction. We strongly believe our integrated application will enable your organization to focus more on your core business and thus creating higher effectiveness and efficiency in running distribution activities within your organization / company.

Module and Functionality


  • Full managed services solution will enable user to focus on their core business, as the develoyment, maintenance and support of the Mobile Task Force Application will be provided by Creativehead.
  • Enable users to obtain more reliable information on its market positioning as well as competitor’s positioning in a more timely manner.
  • Ability to detect company’s stock positioning in the market, thus ensuring more effective and efficient distribution in the earliest time.
  • Performance / Key Performance Index (KPI) Monitoring System
  • As For GPS :
    • Able to identify the Fictitious Transaction and Outlets
    • Able to identify the dublicate customers
    • Able to track the salesman’s current positions
  • Ultimate Goal is to increase company Brand and Sales Value.
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