Data Analytic

Business Leader must know the inherent value of analytics insights of driving smarter decisions. Leader has to consider the entire ecosystem in which they exist, including social, economic, environmental and political currents. That put data analytics in the center of the action. Creativehead Data Analytics Solutions let you drill down to discover the underlying factors that correlate to exactly what’s happening in your business.

Data warehouse is the foundation for extrapolating valuable business intelligence, but that’s just the beginning. Layered on top of your data warehouse, Data Analytics lets you determine how every aspect of your business affects the others. Our experienced analytics practitioners will show you new ways to look at the data you have to proactively make decisions for new product development and enhancements, marketing programs, customer satisfaction and churn prevention, and much more.

Recent advancement in technology and the significant reduction in data storage costs have given businesses the opportunity to do things with data that were impossible until now, opening up an entirely now host of analytics opportunities.

Creativehead consultants are part of this information revolution, honing their skill in the latest technologies with one goal : to help our customers maximize the value from their data investment.

Data discovery is an advanced analytical capability that allow business user to collaboratively use Big Data to perform real time analysis of large data sets. Coupled with Data Visualization tools, Data Discovery helps you manipulate and view data to find new insights and turn them into business advantages.

How do your users want to view their data? Your financial team will have very different requirement from your sales manager and marketing team, but that doesn’t mean you have to develop and support multiple applications. Creativehead deliver an ad hoc and structured visualization environment so each user can visualize their data the way they want to for better understanding, metrics comparison, and solution discovery.

What can your customer actions tell you about how they might behave in the future ? How can web based product review guide your product team to develop more powerful products and packages ? How can social media conversation help your marketing team implement effective 1 to 1 marketing campaign ?

Creativehead transform Big Data into measurable value, giving you the sentiment analysis solution you need, without the bells and whistles you don’t. Our cloud base technology captures and analyzes structured and unstructured data resources. Bundled with our extensive data management and analytics expertise, it’s designed to help you maximize the business benefits of all your corporate data.

Creativehead empowers you to deliver actionable sentiment data in combination with your corporate data to the people in your organization who need it most, utilizing a process that’s both agile and iterative. Now everyone from marketing and product development to operation and customer service can leverage sentiment data to provide customer insights to drive product development and increase marketing effectiveness. We do all the heavy lifting and can literally have you up and running and analyzing your data in hours.

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